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McKinnon's Market Rewards
We appreciate your business and are delighted that you choose to shop with us. We are always looking for ways to save you money by offering everyday low prices and hundreds of sale items every week. Now, we want to do even more, by making your shopping with us a rewarding experience.
Earn 10 Points for every dollar you spend!
Redeem your points for credit to McKinnon's:
$10 for 7,500 points
$25 for 15,000 points
Redeem your points Right at the Register!
Ask any cashier for details.
Points expire 120 days from issuance.
See Below for excluded departments.
  • Membership in McKinnon's Rewards is FREE!
  • Pick-up a Rewards Card at any register, and fill out the attached registration form.
  • When signing in for the first time on the "Sign In" page you will have to click "Register Account".
McKinnon's Rewards
  • Earn points on all qualifying purchases and redeem your points for gift cards to your store.
  • You'll never stop earning points, but any unredeemed points will expire after 120 days from accrual.
  • Receive exclusive offers for the things you buy direct to your inbox!
Emails From Us
  • We use your email address to give you special offer opportunities, updates on your McKinnon's Rewards account, and other valuable information.
  • We will not overwhelm your inbox or share your personal information.
  • Purchases of lottery, postage, gift cards, tobacco products, alcohol, any items prohibited by law, and wholesale purchases are not eligible toward McKinnon's Rewards points.